Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Old Buildings and Moldy Paper

On Sunday I took a drive down to the annual Canadaigua Comic Con, organized and presented by the formidable Mike, proprietor of the fine comics retailer Pulp Nouveau Comix. The show was at the Inn on the Lake, overlooking Canandaigua lake.

It's a fun show with a handful each of retailers and independent creators. I've exhibited in the past and will again in the future.

I raided the 50cent boxes for some old comics whose pages pages I will tear out and turn into paintings. (Watch this space for those).

From there I drove up the street to the Pulp Nouveau store to pay a visit to erstwhile clerk, musician and artist Ben Morey.

Pulp Nouveau is located right on Main St., two doors down from the old Coyotes Den. Coyotes Den was the game/collectibles shop owned and operated by my old friend Travis.
Travis passed away in 2008 from complications resulting from cancer. For years I only ever went to Canandaigua to visit Travis. Now it's strange to visit this street, his absence is somehow palpable.

In fact, I get the disconcerting feeling that the street is very concrete, but I'm not quite solid. Sort of like a piece of wind floating around.

Lastly, I turned on to rte 21 to drive 20 minutes north to Palmyra, where I was staying for the weekend.
The drive goes past route 90 and Hill Cumorah. It also passes an abandoned school that caught my attention.

Decay and wear always seem to invent their own history.

Somehow, after driving this route many times over the last ten years, I noticed this tiny cemetery for the first time.

And the field beyond.

 Then back home.

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